June 22, 2024
can uae golden visa holder sponsor parents
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Understanding the Golden Visa

The question “”Can Golden Visa Holders Sponsor Parents?”” is of paramount importance for many who have received this unique type of residency permission. This article will unfold this multifaceted issue, exploring various facets of the Golden Visa and the regulations surrounding family sponsorship rights. But to answer the question succinctly, the majority of countries with Golden Visa programs, including the ones offering Golden Visa services in Dubai, allow Golden Visa holders to sponsor parents albeit under certain conditions and varying rules depending on the respective country issuing the visa.

What Is A Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa refers to a form of citizenship or residency offered by several countries to individuals that make investments within those countries. These investments typically include real estate, job creation, or capital investment. Originating in the late 2000s, Golden Visas are today a popular option for globetrotters who want the flexibility to live, work, and travel freely in different countries. An example of such provisions includes the Abu Dhabi Golden Visa which offers substantial privileges to its holders. The golden visa Abu Dhabi benefits range from visa-free travel to investment security and even to the ability to sponsor immediate family members.

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Who Can Apply For A Golden Visa?

Golden Visa programs are open to potential investors worldwide, and proposals like the 5-year Golden Visa UAE offer a highly attractive opportunity. This program is open to anyone provided they meet the minimum investment criteria. A ballpark figure suggests that an investment between $250,000 to $1 million is acceptable. However, these figures can widely vary.

CountryMinimum Investment
UAE (5 year)$272,000 approx.

Despite its cost, the Golden Visa UAE application is one of the most sought-after due to perks exclusive to UAE residents, making the Golden Visa UAE cost a worthwhile investment.

Why Do Golden Visas Matter?

Golden Visas often come with a plethora of benefits that make them an extremely attractive option for international investors. There are two significant reasons why:

  1. Freedom of Movement: Golden Visa holders and their families enjoy the ability to live, work, and study in the country and often, travel visa-free within a larger region. For instance, European Golden Visas allow travel throughout the EU Schengen Zone.
  2. Pathway to Citizenship: Golden Visas can often lead to permanent residency or citizenship, provided certain conditions are met, like maintaining the investment, demonstrating community ties, and learning the local dialect, amongst others.

There are reputable Golden Visa agents in Dubai that assist potential clients in navigating the application process for various countries’ Golden Visa programs.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what Golden Visas entail, let’s delve into the core question around the sponsorship rights of these visas.

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Sponsoring Parents – The Legal Path

Let’s address the query many potential and current Golden Visa holders have regarding the sponsorship of family members – particularly parents. In the context of residency privileges, is it possible for these privilege holders to sponsor their parents? Given the high demand for such visas from investor immigrants worldwide, it becomes a compelling matter to understand.

Rights of Golden Visa Holders

Golden Visa holders are essentially temporary or permanent residents of the host country, given the substantial investment they’ve made. Their rights typically include working, studying, accessing social services, conducting business, and more importantly, sponsoring family members for similar residency benefits. While the specifics may vary across jurisdictions, the typical definition of ‘family’ in immigration law tends to include spouse and minor children, sometimes extending to adult dependent children or dependent parents. It’s within this latter extension that the sponsorship rights for parents reside.

Can Golden Visa Holders Sponsor Parents?

Now, to directly address our core question – “”Can Golden Visa holders sponsor parents?”” The answer, in most cases, is a resounding ‘Yes.’ However, it is not without its stipulations and caveats.

These sponsorship rights are subject to distinct variations based on each country’s immigration rules. For instance, the Golden Visa programs in Portugal, Greece, and even the UAE generally provide the flexibility for the visa holders to apply for parent sponsorship. In Portugal, parents can be included in the initial application, while in Greece, this can be done after the primary applicant has received residency.

In case the Golden Visa holder’s country of residence does not automatically extend sponsorship rights to parents, alternative solutions often exist. These could involve additional investments in some cases or showing proof that parents are financially dependent on the visa holder.

Instances When Sponsoring Parents Is Possible

Let’s delve into a couple of scenarios when sponsoring parents is indeed possible:

  1. Parents are Financially Dependent: Golden Visa holders can usually sponsor their parents if they can demonstrate that their parents are dependent on them.
  2. Parents Are Part of Initial Application: Countries like Portugal allow the inclusion of parents in the original Golden Visa application, enabling a more straightforward sponsorship process.
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In a nutshell

Golden Visas represent a myriad of opportunities for investors seeking global mobility, residency privileges, and prosperity in a second home. As for the question “”Can Golden Visa holders sponsor parents?””, while the answer is a ‘Yes’ in most cases, the nuances of eligibility, application processes, and rights vary according to each country’s prevailing immigration laws. International investors are encouraged to understand these laws and seek assistance from professionals to make informed decisions.


1. Can Golden Visa holders sponsor family members?
Yes, Golden Visa holders typically have the right to sponsor immediate family members. This includes the spouse, dependent minor children, and in some cases, dependent adult children and parents as well.

2. What factors play a role in the ability to sponsor parents with a Golden Visa?
The ability to sponsor parents varies widely from country to country. The determining factors are generally the country’s immigration laws and if it allows dependent parents to be included either at the time of application or afterwards.

3. Are there countries where sponsorship of parents is straightforward in their Golden Visa Program?
Yes, there are countries like Portugal where parents can be included in the original Golden Visa application, allowing for a more straightforward sponsorship process.

4. If my Golden Visa does not allow me to sponsor my parents, can they independently apply for a Golden Visa?
Yes, provided they meet the investment criteria set by the host country for the Golden Visa program.

5. Do parents retain their Golden Visa benefits if the primary visa holder passes away?
The continuation of benefits after the passing of the primary visa holder largely depends on the details of the specific country’s Golden Visa program. It’s best to consult with a legal advisor or visa agent to understand these specifics.