Wire Network’s new protocol aims to end Web3 interoperability woes

The Universal Polymorphic Address Protocol, a layer-1 blockchain interoperability protocol, was launched by Layer-1 blockchain platform Wire Network (UPAP). The main interaction in the Web3 ecosystem, which is young compared to the wider crypto market, happens over digital products and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The absence of interoperability among an increasing variety of Web3 platforms, however, […]

Bitcoin miners sold their entire May harvest: report

The cost of manufacturing has surpassed the return, making it extremely difficult for bitcoin miners to continue their business. Bitcoin miners sold all of their May crop: news The first week of June saw the start of a sell-off phase in the cryptocurrency market, with the majority of cryptocurrencies seeing a 4-year low. The deteriorating […]

Bitcoin S2F model gives false sense of certainty, says Vitalik Buterin

During the pinnacle of the bull run, the Bitcoin S2F model gained a lot of traction, and despite some criticism, much of it went unnoticed because the price seemed to follow the chart.The contentious Bitcoin (BTC) stock-to-flow (S2F) concept, pioneered by a pseudonymous Dutch institutional investor known as PlanB, has been challenged by Ethereum co-founder […]